"Here", our inaugural show explores the work of three women artists, Yadira Torres, Palmarin Merges, and Lindsey Kincaid. Their work is deeply rooted in ideas pertaining to self identity, navigating and exploring the impact of cultural heritage, sexuality, and memory. 

Lindsey’s work feels like looking through frosted glass. It is as though she is trying to capture the past, to show us how it feels. Paintings are placed in sealed jars and collected on a shelf. A crystal clear voice rings out, yet we never see her. Edges of paint fade in and out of view. Within her work, we begin to feel the emotion tied to remembrance, and how fleeting it is.

When viewing Yadira’s work you are struck by the paradox it represents. The work is beautiful, surfaces are lush, the paint has a physical presence; yet there is a strong sense of  trepidation and sorrow for the figures. It emanates out from them, just as strongly as it is pulled from the viewer. Something ominous radiates. Is it from the figures, us the viewers, some other force, or a combination of all three?

Palmarin’s work almost scratches at the past. When looking at her work you feel as though she is excavating something, digging through medium, language, and color to connect with her heritage. There are moments of joy, struggle, violence, and power within each piece. She takes us on an intimate journey with her. By looking at her work, we begin to feel present in her process. 

Within all the work there is a sense of presence. It emanates outward, while inviting the viewer in. Once within the work, we are surrounded by a sense of something ephemeral and fleeting. Something, that if you attempt to reach out and touch, turns to mist; yet makes itself known. Memory breaks down into color, ghosts from within emerge, and the past presses upon our subconscious. They talk about what it means to be here and how that feels. Their voices are poignant and powerful. They are here, and they will be heard.

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